Sneak Preview Virtual House Painting

Choosing the right paint color just got a lot simpler

What folks are saying about Sneak Preview VHP

  • Virtual painting preview is THE WAY TO GO, when trying to make a decision what color to paint the walls. It allows you to try any combinations or shades of color and see immediately what the whole wall will look like in each scenario. There is no messy paint, no clean up, no tiny color swatches, and you can change your mind quickly and easily. It is liberating and fun. It worked superbly for me.

    Ditte Wolf
    Santa Barbara, CA
  • It was incredibly useful in determining the right color choices for both my home and my business. Looking at samples on paper used to be the standard, but I couldn't imagine doing this without color simulations on the computer. I was nervous about the process as we are located in an Historic District, and thus had to go before the HLC, but Jon's computer program made finding the right color choices easy, stress-free and surprisingly fun.

    Celeste Varner
    owner, Loop and Leaf
    Santa Barbara, CA.
  • I found out when we were repainting the inside of our house that I couldn't be sure what I wanted without seeing it. The kitchen was the hardest. There we were considering lots of two color options for the cabinets. Overnight, Jon mocked up six different color combinations on the computer so we could see exactly what each would look like without opening a paint can! This is totally the way to design: virtual house painting gives you the freedom and creativity to see almost anything you can imagine. For me it was a liberating way to play with color and come up with what really worked. Also, as you may know, color is subjective. We have emotional responses to it. Virtual house painting lets everyone sit down and see and talk about what the room or the whole house is going to look like BEFORE it happens. People can concur or disagree, collaborate and experiment all in the planning stage. Doors can be opened, relationships saved. (Really!) Why paint a bunch of test colors on the wall when you can see what the whole room will look like without buying any paint at all?

    John and Marsha
    Santa Barbara, CA
  • The kitchen in my studio apartment had been remodeled with new linoleum and cabinet doors. I had the idea of utilizing yellow in the color scheme, but didn't want to feel like I'd walked into a giant stick of butter! With Sneak Preview I was able to test out painting some of the walls yellow and leaving some of them white. The painting budget was tight so no do overs. Without seeing it virtually beforehand, I don't think I would have had the guts to try it. I knew my kitchen would look lovely before a drop of paint hit the walls.

    Alicia St. Rose
    Santa Barbara, CA

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