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Choosing the right paint color just got a lot simpler

Terminology & Techniques

Understanding the terminology and techniques for describing and selecting colors can go a long way to making the process that much quicker and more rewarding. Here are some websites that do a good job of doing just that.

  • Choosing the Right Color

    A wonderfully comprehensive set of tips and tricks to help home owners understand what they should look for when selecting colors for the inside of their house.

  • Exterior Colors

    Jackie Craven offers a variety of tips on how to pick the right colors for the exterior of your house in order to help create a sense of harmony for both the house itself and with the neighbors.

  • Before you Redecorate

    A step by step approach to designing the inside of you home. To steal a line from the website itself, it includes: design tips, decorating color schemes, arranging furniture, and all the interior decorating information you will need - it's all here!

  • A Short Look at Color Theory

    This site will bring you back up to speed on the basics of color theory, from primary colors all the way to how different colors effect our body and vision.

  • Hues, Tints, Shades and Tones

    Terminology matters. What is the difference between a hue, a tone, a shade or a tint? What is a color wheel and how do color schemes work? Find out in this website.

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