Sneak Preview Virtual House Painting

Choosing the right paint color just got a lot simpler

  • Adding Details

    Celeste wanted to paint the exterior of her business. Although she had a good idea of the colors she wanted to use, the painting scheme had to be approved by the Santa Barbara Architectural Board of Review.

    Seeing the walls, eaves and windows change virtually on a laptop helped assure Celeste that her ideas were sound.

    Where Sneak Preview VHP was really able to go the distance was in being able to alter details. Individually, the wall railing, vertical wall corners and lobby frame were virtually changed to cream then the lower wall was given the option of being colored darker or staying lighter.

    She presented a collection of four different images to The Board, each with minor variations. They immediately decided which one best represented Santa Barbara and passed the scheme the same day.

  • Changing the Colors

    John and Marsha wanted to paint their kitchen cabinets using two contrasting colors.

    As they weren't sure of the exact style they wanted, Sneak Preview VHP came up with several examples that could be colored in at the touch of a button.

    The kitchen was long and narrow and, although it would have been fun to paint the cabinets in two tones, it was obvious from the rendered images that it would have been much to busy.

    Based upon that, they opted for the more relaxed one colored look.

    Being able to see how the cabinets would look prior to painting saved John and Marsha a lot of grief, not to mention time, money and materials.

  • Adding and Adjusting Color

    The General Contractor thought that the wood on Sherry's new entertainment center should be painted white to match the rest of the trim in the house. Sherry wasn't so sure. After seeing it rendered in white on the computer, she knew something more vibrant and playful was in order.

    First we colored in the wooden frames to match the lower veneer, then we added color to the interiors of the cabinets, adjusting it until we found just the right tone.

    Initially the faces of the speakers matched the frames. This created a thick band across the face of the entertainment center making it appear top heavy. Replacing the brown with the interior cabinet color eradicated the heaviness and at the same time pulled everything together.

  • Creating Combinations

    Diana wanted exactly the right look for the inside of her house.When it came to her open-plan kitchen and living room area, there were so many competing elements that the best way to figure out colors and color placement was definitely on the computer.

    To make the procedure as malleable as possible, each surface was made to be independently colorable. We also included the choice of having handles on the kitchen cabinets or removing.

    By giving her so many options she was able to see which combinations worked best and rapidly settled on the one she found most pleasing.

  • Difficult Surfaces

    Ditte wanted to enliven her courtyard with bright and vibrant colors.

    To see the entirety of the courtyard we created two usable images.

    Painting the walls virtually before painting them in actuality proved to have two great benefits: the first was in being able to see which actual colors from a Santa Barbara area paint store worked best in the given scenario. The second was in subsequently not having to repaint anything. This was a very important factor as the walls were made out of adobe and were both extremely uneven and pocked with holes making paint application a slow and tedious process; having to repaint because the color wasn't right would have been a costly affair.

  • Making Repairs Before Painting

    Nancy wanted to change the exterior wall color on her house. She didn't want to paint the dark brown doors and trim as they were in good condition but wanted to be sure the new wall color would work with them.

    Several areas on the walls had suffered water damage that would have to be repaired before the actual re-painting could take place. To properly represent the finished product we fixed the wall on the computer before virtually changing the color. In this way Nancy could see what the end result really would look like.

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