Sneak Preview Virtual House Painting

Choosing the right paint color just got a lot simpler

photo of Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith is the founder of Sneak Preview VHP

"I've been a house painting contractor in the Santa Barbara area for over 12 years and in that time I've helped countless clients select colors for their homes or businesses. With this experience I've come to learn that picking just the right colors to paint a house is rarely easy and that the process of visualization, based upon a couple of square inches of color chip, is a bit of a stretch even at at the best of times."

"For years I dreamed of being able to show clients a virtual image of what their soon-to-be-painted house might look like, and if they didn't like what they saw, we could easily make changes without having wasted paint, time and money. From the very start, it was obvious what a powerful tool virtual painting could be. Eager to put the idea into operation, I bought a computer and took a course in Photoshop only to discover that none of the paint stores' colors had been calibrated for computers. This effectively meant that I would have to match, by eye, every color. Such an approach was unacceptable as it destroyed the grace and ease of the operation."

"I dropped the idea for several years. Then one day I was given a new color deck from one of our local paint stores. For the first time it included the information for computer calibration. I immediately realized that my dream of computerized coloring was back in business. Since then I've been able to access the color chip information for many of the actual colors used by Santa Barbara area paint stores and have used the Sneak Preview Virtual House Painting technique on a consistent, useful and gratifying basis."

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