Sneak Preview Virtual House Painting

Choosing the right paint color just got a lot simpler

Having difficulties selecting the right paint colors for your home or office?

Sneak Preview Virtual House Painting can help!

We come to your home or business and, working with you in person, digitally re-color images of your walls and surfaces using colors from Santa Barbara paint stores.

In this way, you can quickly see what color combinations really work best for you and all without having to apply a drop of paint. See the demos!

Why choose Sneak Preview VHP?

  • See how the results will look before applying a drop of paint.
  • Change your mind and the colors as many times as you want without creating any waste.
  • Save time, hassle and money.
  • The best color assistant your imagination is ever going to get.

“It worked
superbly for me!”

There is no messy paint, no clean up, no tiny color swatches, and you can change your mind quickly and easily.

-Ditte Wolfe


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